How should you act at Meet and Greet?

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The notion of Meet & Greet celebrities is pretty exciting, Isn't it? Of course, why shouldn't it be, when your imagination is going to turn into reality. It is pretty understandable, and as a human tendency one just can't be themselves sometime due to such overwhelming emotions. However, one should behave decently but not keep floating with the high tide of emotions.

Here are 10 pointers for you to stick during the Meet & Greet:

  1. Be friendly but know your limits: Be friendly during the meet and greet with the celebrities. They are human beings just like you so nothing to scare or feel uncomfortable when you meet them. Just maintain the real good you, be polite and generous with them.

  2. Avoid touching the celebrities: Avoid any kind of touch with celebrities and maintain a good distance while meeting them. Go for a handshake if the celebrity offers it.

  3. Plan out your thoughts or questions in advance: Plan out your questions and the point of discussion during the event with the celebrity well in advance to avoid awkward silence during the event.

  4. Avoid asking too personal questions: We only can guess but would really not know what are some of those topics which the celebrity wouldn't be comfortable discussing that with anybody. So try to avoid asking such on the edge questions.

  5. Ask for celebrity' permission before taking the pictures: Definitely ask for permission before clicking the picture with the celebrity. If they decline or accept it, take this as a final note and don't insist further on the same.

  6. Talk clearly and calmly: Maintain a good posture, talk softly, clearly and calmly. Avoid rushing and being interrogative. Do some research about the celebrity and try to find out the common point of interest between you and the celebrity, to use during the event.