Frequently Asked Questions

To every auction, you compete against other buyers. Upon completion of bidding, the highest bidder wins the items and completes the purchase. Remember, a bid is considered a binding contract. That means that when you bid on an item, you're committing to buy it if you win.
It is the type of an auction where the highest bidder at the end of auction will be given the chance to meet the celebrity he bid for in the auction. The place for Meet & Greet will be selected by a celebrity within India where a fan will have a dedicated time of a celebrity.
It is open online event sponsored by a celebrity where a user will be randomly picked up and will have a chance to work with the celebrity or will get the highlighted benefits.
A reserve price is the minimum amount require for the product to sell, so if the reserve price isn't met, the item won't be sold.
You can't always retract a bid once it's made. Retracting a bid will cost your token money. You may cancel the bid from `My Biddings` under `My Accounts` tab.
It is the amount added by a user to their Bidberg Account to become eligible to bid in the auction. A user may claim the token amount if not willing to bid further in the platform.
We only have the items which are authentic and used by a celebrity or have been featured as iconic in television. All these items has a certificate of authenticity originally signed by a celebrity.
We don't like the proxy bidders to overtake over the genuine bidders. To ensure, we ask the users to add this token money which a user can withdraw anytime.
Only reason is you hadn't completed the purchase and made the proxy bid.