Meet and Greet Actress Mitaali Nag | Mumbai

Starting Bid - ₹ 30000
Current Bid - ₹ 35038

You don’t want to miss the chance to meet Mitaali Nag, do you? You will have the opportunity of a lifetime to chat about her journey, tips on pursuing a career in television and personal opinion on general aspects of life over lunch. If you want to learn more about Mitaali Nag and her journey then this is the chance for you! Find out more about the event in the description below.

This event is a monthly recurring event that will happen in Mumbai. We strongly recommend bidding in this event only if you are the resident of Mumbai or can manage to go to the event's place at your own expense as any kind of expenses vis-a-vis accommodation or travel will not be cover either by Mitaali Nag or Bidberg. The auction winner will be given the official certificate of Meet & Greet signed by the actress Mitaali Nag, pictures with Mitaali Nag and will be featured on her Instagram handle that will stay for a week's time. If you are someone who is curious about who Mitaali Nag is, we got you covered. She is amongst the most lovable actress who began her career in television in 2011 with the popular TV series Afsar Bitiya where she played a lead role and gained a huge appreciation for her work. She has since been featured in shows like Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat and Roop.

Important Points To Remember

The MnG will take place within 30 days of auction closing, on a date to be mutually agreed according to availability of both Mitaali Nag and the auction winner.
  1. The #luckyfan will be chosen purely at random and does not have anybody's influencer on the selection process.
  2. Since the final date for meet & greet will be decided according to the availability of both the celebrity and the auction winner. Hence, any request to change in the decided schedule will not be addressed.
  3. Expenses for accommodation and travelling is not covered.
  4. The auction winner acknowledges to behave in a decent manner and maintain good decorum throughout the meeting.
  5. The auction winner will be entitled to all the benefits as mentioned in this catalog.
  6. Must read and stick to these guidelines
  7. and the violation of these guideliness can have broad range of adverse effect not limited to facing the permanent ban in this system or judicial action which depends upon the severity of the code of conduct.
  8. Only one individual per auction is allowed and Minors can take part only if accompanied by an adult.
  9. The benefit is not transferable and the auction winner needs to submit the acceptable ID proof after the announcement of him/her as a winner to the Bidberg Team. The auction winner agree to produce the ID proof at the time of the event.
  10. Auction winner is not allowed to engage in any commercial activities such as live streaming of event, request for endorsements but not limited to the generation of content to monetize.
  11. Any kind of electronic peripherals to record audio or visuals are not allowed without permission.